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Our philosophy is simple:

Make People Happy


We come from humble beginnings as a traditional video production company started in 1997; the same year that Mike Tyson took an ear chomp during a match, Tiger Woods became the youngest player to win the Masters, Dolly the sheep was successfully cloned, and the Mars Pathfinder landed on the red planet's surface.
Fast forward to the present, and we're a high-powered Video Agency that still focuses on what's most important; to give our customers creative, results-focused video solutions.

History | Calgary Video Production

What's a Video Agency, you ask?

Video has become one of the primary methods for communication in business. The increased demand for high-quality video solutions pushed our clients to find a resource that could help them with the strategic planning and delivery of their video content, in addition to the production side.

As a Video Agency we are much more than just a traditional production company, we provide our customers with the Planning, Production and Delivery of Everything VideoTM. If it involves video, you should involve us!

Calgary Video Production

Customer Experience

It's pretty simple; our Customer Experience goal is to
Make People Happy!

We aim to provide our clients with creative video solutions that will knock their socks off and boost their communications capabilities to a whole new level.

We develop innovative, high quality video communication projects that solve problems, all while giving WoW! customer service. This makes it easy for our clients to see the value in communicating through video, and using V to do it.

Customer Experience

Core Values

We took a page out of Tony Hsieh's book "Delivering Happiness", and developed five committable Core Values that all V team members are dedicated to:

  1. Make People Happy
  2. Keep it Simple
  3. Be Creative
  4. Focus on the Solutions
  5. Do what's Right!

Culture Club

Happy people like to share the goodness with others, and that's why we continually try to create one of the best places to work in the country. Our team never goes hungry with monthly Breakfast Club, weekly Treat Day and all the Candy we can handle. Team members can play a quick round of Ping-Pong in the Games Room, develop great ideas (to knock your socks off) in the Creative Lounge, celebrate a year of hard work at the annual V Christmas Party, and who doesn't like to get their Birthday Off to roam freely?

There are also other advantages like Early Dismissal for long weekends (to get the perfect campsite), Flexible Hours (to avoid traffic rage), Health Benefits including a full coverage dental plan (remember all the candy?), Free Parking (and lots of it), and then there's the event we all aspire to get the golden key to, the Veteran's Club Dinner.

Culture Club


Our people drive our culture, our creative and give us all the tools to Make People Happy! Check us out:

Damian Blunt

Eric Boudreau

Jeff Bradshaw
President & CEO

Wing Chan

Derek Hovinga
Creative Services, Producer/Director

Geoff Hughes
Account Manager,
Strategy Lead

Craig Ikeda
Creative Services,
Senior Producer/Director

Michael Janke

Samantha Leitinger
Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Brian Murchison

Grant Nolin
Creative Services,
Senior Producer/Director

Nathan Rogers

Travis Shand
Creative Services,
Senior Producer/Director

Trevor Seeley
Creative Services, Producer/Director

Jaime Starchuk
VP Customer Experience

Dana Starchuk
Production Coordinator

Kirk Tasseron

Matt Wright
Senior Producer/Director

Ken King

Ken King
Advisor / Partner

Larry Shelly

Larry Shelley
Advisor / Partner