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Normally in an agency, you hear about the euphoria-inducing 'big idea' that relieves stress for the creative team and makes or breaks a campaign.

Our team has no shortage of great brainstorms, concepts and breakthroughs, but we think about the IDEA in a different way. We think about it as a process for every project we take on:


We begin the process by working with you to identify the goals of your project, the target audience, the message you want to communicate, the method of delivery, and what measurements to use when gauging performance. We also educate ourselves on your business, its history, the present environment in your industry, and anything else that allows us to better understand you, our customer.

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Building off of the information we gathered, we then develop the creative approach for your project. This is where the bulk of planning takes place. We want the telling of your story to engage your audience and achieve your objectives. Ultimately it should align strategically with your business now, and break ground in the direction you want to go with video in the future.

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The next stage is implementing everything we have on paper and bringing the concept to life. This is where all the heavy lifting happens; here we produce the video content, implement the video strategy, build the animation, develop the video players, and deliver the final product.

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Lastly, because perfection is an ever-moving target, we meet with you to assess the project and how well it achieved what we set out to do. This may involve use of surveys, analytics, comparing sales numbers, or simply evaluating audience response. This holds us accountable and allows us to identify areas for improvement on future projects.

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