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V Strategies Energy Demo.

Imperial Oil

Imperial's new corporate brand.

RedPoint Media

RedPoint Media & Marketing Solutions: We Tell Stories

Chinook Centre

How to: Tie a Scarf

Calgary Stampeders

2013 Season Opener


TELUS Spark - 'Direct From The Operating Room' Program Intro Video

Imperial Oil 2013

We created this video for Imperial Oil’s 2013 United Way Campaign. It was used as an internal communications tool to inform and persuade employees to be a “hero” and make a difference in the lives of Calgarians in need.

Coming Home

Home is a powerful word, especially around the holidays, and this Holiday message from Enmax highlights the importance of the simple things around times of year when families come together. We used a voice-over to weave imagery and emotion together into a story that connected with their viewers.

Curve Distribution Services

We created this company overview video for Curve Distribution Services. It was used as a B2B sales tool and was delivered on branded Video Cards at a tradeshow event.

V New Year

Everyone at V Strategies welcomed the New Year in style, slo-mo style that is, with the help of our awesome Sony F5 camera! Shooting at 180 frames per second, we captured what the naked eye can’t! This was a great way to get everyone in the office involved, and gives the message a personal touch that corresponds with our brand.

Government of Alberta

Its vast energy resource assets drive Alberta’s economy. We were tasked to tell the story of Alberta’s vision; a vision of a dynamic province where opportunity, technological advancement, and sustainability is embraced. Using a documentary style production, we told the story of the Alberta Oil Sands and the thriving innovation that makes this province unique.

Light the Night

Every year the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada hosts 5km walks all across the country. Known as 'Light the Night', these walks raise awareness of the organization and its efforts in fundraising for research and community initiatives. A number of people are chosen each year to be honored patients. In 2012, we were chosen to tell the story of Kyla McMullin; an honoree, a mother, and a survivor.


This video was created as part of a series which literally puts the viewer in the shoes of workers at the Surmont Phase 2 worksite. By using a 'point of view' shooting style, we were able to show the perks, company culture, and day-to-day expectations of the positions available onsite.


This video announced Encana’s new President & CEO in June 2013. It shows the organization and its new leader, Doug Suttles, taking the next step forward together.


The Alberta Real Estate Foundation wanted to educate Albertans on the history and origin of the foundation, and its present day purpose of providing support such as educating real estate professionals and financially enabling projects that improve real estate in Alberta.

V Strategies

We created our own culture video to show how much we love Making People Happy! That includes our clients, suppliers, and of course, each other. This video shows us Veople enjoying Breakfast Club, Team Building, Treat Day, our Candy Wall, and all the things that make V Strategies a great place to work!

Alberta Venture

Gregg Saretsky was awarded Alberta Venture's Business Person of the Year in 2012, and we were honored to share the story of his leadership and success as WestJet's President and CEO through interviews with colleagues and associates, as well as his own personal reflections.

Pinebrook Golf

Pinebrook wanted to set themselves apart from the mainstream golf and country club facilities. They approached us to tell their story, and emphasize Pinebrook's commitment to creating a place to call home, a place to escape and relax, a place where friendly faces are there for you, and a place where multigenerational families and learn and grow together.

Treatz Candy

Explaining what a company does is extremely important in any business. We created a short Explainer video for Treatz Candy that outlines exactly who they are and what they do in under 90 seconds. Explainer Videos are a very powerful way to communicate any message.

Ag for Life

We created this video to raise awareness of the organization and the agri-service, energy, financial, and not-for-profit industries, as well as the farmers, ranchers and community leaders, that are a part of its mission. We used beautiful backdrops and subject matter, with the implementation of super slow motion to suspend time and stretch the effectiveness of the video, and music that emotionally connected the viewer.


The history of a company can help reveal its future, its goals and truly open the heart of what made them successful. Veresen approached us to tell the story of their rich history and give investors a better understanding of who they are. This is a story that uses a unique approach to the storytelling model combined with beautiful imagery and the passionate words from the people that helped build the company.

Imperial Oil

Employee engagement is a topic that is very important to Imperial Oil. Our job was to take a unique and creative approach to help open the dialogue of the 2012 United Way campaign launch. Using a little comedy, some slow motion camera work and the help of the CEO, Bruce March, we developed this video that received a very positive response.


The world of retail is evolving and customers often have done their research and know what they are buying before they even arrive at a store. Sport Chek tasked us with the goal to make their research even easier. We helped with this educational video series using product experts from Sport Chek and the common questions asked by the typical Sport Chek customer to make the sales process that much easier.

West Canadian

Inspiration. Drive. Innovation. We were asked to help paint a picture of what West Canadian does, show their facilities and create the feelings of inspiration, success and drive in each of their viewers. With powerful music, messaging and the wonderful staff of West Canadian their goal was achieved.


Technology is always advancing and Smart is at the lead of these advancements. How does the future of education look? How will the kids be learning in the years to come? Smart approached us to help create a future vision for education using the power of video. Using professional actors, state of the art visual effects and a little creative intuition, this is what we came up with.

V Process

It's all about the big IDEA! Our team has no shortage of great brainstorms, concepts and breakthroughs, but we think about the IDEA in a different way. We think about it as a process for every project we take on.

V Solutions

The process of communication is not complete until the receiver has understood the intended message from the sender. There is an infinite number of ways to communicate a message. Video has proven to be the most effective form of communication in today's corporate environment. Our goal is to provide you with Creative Video Solutions that Improve Your Communications.

V Highlights

High quality production values are essential. V prides itself on providing our clients with the latest technology and production techniques to produce world class video content. We have the team, the talent and the gear to make it all happen!

SMART Technologies

We helped SMART create this case study to share how Turner Construction, the largest general builder in the United States, combines SMART solutions with Building Information Modeling to increase collaboration and productivity.

Flexpipe Systems

Flexpipe Systems wanted to share their story of how they are consistently modernizing pipelines with their suite of patented composite products. This video is a behind the scenes look at the leading manufacturer’s patented design of high pressure, corrosion resistant, coiled pipeline facility.