V – Your Go To For Animation Production Services in Calgary

We’ve been producing animated videos for over 25 years so we know what it takes to deliver impactful animation production services in Calgary.

Animation or animated videos are often a great option when you have a complex issue that needs to communicated to customers, employees or investors.

Animation production is often used when there are no visuals or limited visual assets.  (IE - When there is no video footage or photos). We can create graphic elements and bring them to life through animation making the animation production service side of our business, which isa very popular option.

There are a variety of animation types, styles and applications.  The two main types of animation are 2D and 3D.

 The main difference between 2D and 3D animation production services in Calgary is that 2D animation views objects in a flat landscape, while 3D animation shows 3-dimension views. This is the reason why 3D animation is more complex.  3D requires more powerful equipment and more time resulting in a higher cost.

The majority of the animation production services in Calgary we produce is 2D animation.  It is great tool for applications like animated explainer videos, brand animations and animated training videos.

Animated Explainer

An animated explainer video helps your audience understand the value of your product or service. It can also be used for training and orientation.  For instance, it can show how to use a product feature or answer common questions about a service. It’s usually composed of four main parts:

·     The problem

·     The solution (your product or service or training information)

·     How the solution works and why it works

·     A call-to-action

Animated explainers can be used just about anywhere—on your company’s website, social media, presentation or in an email campaign. They can also be incorporated in eLearning courses.  Just remember these videos should speak directly to your audience and be engaging. If you are planning to post the explainer to your social media channels, it should be no longer than one minute. If you’re posting them on your website or within a training program or presentation, they can extend up to 2-3 minutes.

Brand Animations

A brand animation is a short animation that shows the world what your company is all about. It goes beyond explaining in words and text and uses visuals and music to inspire an emotional reaction from your audience.  A brand animation can live on your website homepage or be a feature of client presentations. They are helpful anywhere you want people to know more about your company, your culture, and your line of products.

Training Videos

When training people, whether it’s employees, customers or suppliers, you quite often have to break down processes and procedures in a way that they will understand the information.  Animation allows you to simplify things and slow things down so that people can absorb what is being taught.  In many cases animation is used in conjunction with video footage to highlight key points.  

Our animation production services inCalgary works with a wide range of business sectors in providing solutions that include training videos, corporate videos, promotional videos,TV commercials and social media.

Cost for animation production can vary quite a bit.  There are programs that can allow you to quickly and easily create animated videos but they lack customization and creativity.  We can also buy animation elements including icon sets and graphic packages that minimize the requirement to design all of the elements you need for an animated video and this is a very common practice for animation production services in Calgary. Another option it to create all of the elements from scratch. This is quite often a requirement for videos that deal with complex processes. Regardless of your needs our team is setup to bring your animated projects to life and do it within the parameters available.

For more information on Animation Production Services in Calgary please contact us at info@vinc.ca