V – Your Go To Corporate Video Company in Calgary 

We truly believe every company can benefit from using video. From training videos to commercials, video is one of the most effective and engaging mediums you can use. And let’s face it – video is everywhere. At V we have been producing corporate videos for companies in Calgary for over 25 years so we know what goes into a great corporate video. 

Corporate videos by definition refers to any type of non-broadcast based video created for a business, large or small. When people hear the words, "corporate video", they often think it will be a video that is plain, dry and boring. However, that’s not the way we see Corporate Videos at all.

We think corporate videos offer an opportunity to share stories whether it’s for corporate communications, investor relations, employee engagement, training, sales or marketing. They help you to connect with your target audience and share interesting and relevant information.  When creating a corporate video you must always keep the viewer in mind. What information that you are sharing in the corporate video will impact their life and how? Will it solve a problem for them, improve a process, save them time, inform them of new technology or update them on the progress of your company?  If you can keep the viewers interested through storytelling, your corporate videos will not come across as dry and boring, they will be seen and relevant, engaging, and valuable.

We wanted to break down some of the applications for the various types of Corporate Videos:

Corporate Communications

When you have messaging that needs to be shared with stakeholders, video allows you to provide clear and concise communications. Video can reach a wide audience quickly and update everyone virtually at the same time.

Investor Relations

Rather than simply providing charts and numbers for your investor relations, video provides you with a platform where you can put some context into why the numbers are where they are.  If your performance is up or down 10%, why is that?  What’s happening within the market or your company that are affecting the results.  No other communication medium offers what videos does when it comes to the ability to share a story to support your information.

Employee Engagement

Creating a connection with your employees is critical to keep them engaged and motivated. Video can allow you to share messaging from senior executives that help build this connection.  It can remind your employees that they play a crucial role in your operations.

Training & Recruitment:

The days of bringing people into a boardroom or dumping a giant binder on their desk to train them is a thing of the past.  Using video for all of your training and even recruitment simply makes good business sense.  It provides consistent messaging that is not left up to a trainer or employee to interpret themselves.  Training and recruitment videos can standalone or be integrated into online courses or website.


The world of sales has changed from 30 years ago. Customers are knowledgeable and are not swayed by fast talking salespeople. Using video to highlight the features and benefits of your products and services is what your customers want.  They want you to provide them with relevant information and differentiate yourself from the competition. Video does just that and can also be a tool that customers can take away and share with others.


Using video for product information, highlighting new products, or simply providing an overview of your company goes a long way with not only customers but also with prospective employees and suppliers.  With the reach of online tools like YouTube, posting marketing videos from your company increase your reach and helps build your brand.

For more information on Corporate Video Production please contact us at info@vinc.ca