Local Calgary Landmarks as Video Backdrops

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September 5, 2023

Calgary boasts iconic landmarks that can enhance your corporate videos. Here are four iconic Calgary locales with tips on how you can effectively use each in your next video:

Calgary Tower:

The Calgary Tower, part of the city's skyline, symbolizes growth and ambition. Use it to showcase your company's aspirations. Film your team with the tower in the background, representing your upward journey. The rotating restaurant is an elegant setting for interviews, adding sophistication to your videos.

Prince's Island Park:

Nestled downtown along the Bow River, Prince's Island Park offers lush greenery and serene surroundings. It's ideal for outdoor meetings or interviews. Highlight your sustainability efforts against the park's natural beauty. The park's tranquility connects with viewers on a personal level.

Peace Bridge:

Calgary's Peace Bridge, an architectural gem, is visually striking. Its modern design and vibrant color make it perfect for corporate videos. Use it as a symbol of connectivity and collaboration. Aerial views from drones emphasize innovation and progress.

Heritage Park Historical Village:

Heritage Park Historical Village transports viewers to the past. It's great for showcasing your heritage, longevity, or timeless values. Capture your team in period attire or discussing your brand's evolution. This adds authenticity and nostalgia to your narrative.

Tips for Utilizing Local Landmarks Effectively:

Story Alignment: Ensure the landmark aligns with your video's message and enhances the story.

Permit and Permissions: Obtain necessary permits and permissions for filming.

Lighting Considerations: Be mindful of lighting conditions. Choose the best time for your desired lighting mood.

Narrative Integration: Seamlessly integrate the landmark into your narrative, reinforcing your message.

Local Talent: Collaborate with local experts familiar with the landmarks for effective filming.

Calgary's landmarks infuse authenticity and a sense of place into your corporate videos. Explore these locations to elevate your storytelling.

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