Video Production - Done in a Day!

There’s that old saying in business that goes, “Good, Fast, or Cheap – Pick Two.” With the new V - Done In A Day Video Package we are able to check all 3 of those boxes. They’re an efficient and affordable solution for videos that can be shot in a single location and require a quick turnaround. Perfect for promotional videos, executive messages, even simple training videos.

Here are some of the benefits to using  the V - Done In A Day Video Package for your next video project:

High Quality Video.

Our experienced team works with you in advance to create a shot list and zero in on your key messages. On the scheduled shoot day, our crew will show up bright and early to capture  your video interview and shoot supporting video footage (aka B Roll). If you’re new to the world of video, don’t worry our team are experts at making people feel comfortable on camera and capture the stories that create memorable and engaging videos.

It’s Affordable.

Due to the small crew size and quick turnaround time, Done In A Day video productions are just $4,995. That includes everything, the project management, video shoot, professional editing and music.

Quick Turnaround.

You’ll have the first draft of your video within 24 hours with the goal of delivering your final video the following day.

It’s Simple.

We’ve been in the video business for over 25 years, so we have mastered the art of streamlining the video process and have applied it to our Done In A Day service. Our focus is on making process quick, easy and efficient for you with the end result being an impactful video.


Videos are one of the most powerful ways to communicate with customers, employees and stakeholders and the process does not have to be complex, time consuming or expensive.   Sure, there’s a time and place for higher end video projects, but if you’re looking for a profile video, testimonial video, executive message or even a simple training video, why not get it Done In A Day!

For more information on the V - Done In A Day Video Package please contact us at or by calling (403) 229-2511.

Here are some example videos that we’ve had the pleasure of creating:

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