Who’s Who in the Video Production Zoo?

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January 13, 2022

There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes in the world of video production. Understanding a few basics such as who everyone on a video production team is and exactly what their role is may give you a little confidence boost as well as help you understand the inner workings of the production process. It may also come in handy if you are in contact with a particular crew member during your project or if you venture out on set.

Keep in mind that not every part of the team is used for every shoot. In many cases, it can be just as effective to have a smaller, tighter team depending on your needs and budget.

Project Manager (PM)– This is generally your main point of contact during your project. They will ensure everything is scheduled and moving along to hit your desired deadline. This is typically the person you will be in contact with the most.

Production Assistant (PA) – This person assists the Project Manger and producer. They may help with various administrative duties such as locating props, sourcing locations, or booking craft services.

Writer – The writer is in charge of all copy written for scripts. This includes scripted characters, teleprompter reads, or voice overs.

Producer - The producer is involved throughout all phases of the video production process from development to completion of a project. They may also generally handle booking talent, locations, and plan out the shoot schedule.

Director – The director is the on-location lead during shoots. They are responsible for directing crew, and talent, as well as ensuring they get all of the required shots.

Videographer – This is the person who operates the camera on shoot day. They may also light the set and set up equipment.

Director of Photographer (DOP) – This person is responsible for the overall look of each shot. They make decisions with the director on framing and lighting.

Grip – A grip or “gaffer” generally helps out the videographer on shoot days, helping with lights and equipment as required.

Sound – This person is in charge of capturing the audio on shoot days. They may mic on camera talent or hold a boom mic.

Make-Up Artist – This person ensures everyone on camera is looking their best. Will apply make-up prior to shoots and monitor during the shoot if a touch up is required.

Wardrobe – This person would oversee sourcing and fitting clothing for shoots.

Editor – An editor will piece all the raw shots together, add audio and graphics and required and output a final video.

Sound Designer – A sound designer would be responsible for music, mixing, voice overs or sound effects.

Colorist – The colorist ensures each shot matches the next and looks coordinated. They are generally the last person to touch a video production project.

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