5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Video Content

Creating new content for your social channels day in and day out can be a ton of work, especially if you are aiming for quality over quantity. This is where repurposing your video content can be extremely useful. It saves you time and money, reinforces your messaging, and may help you reach different audiences.

Repurposing video footage is like recycling. It allows you to re-use existing video in new ways to expand its lifespan. So here are 5 creative ways you can repurpose your video content:

1.    Chop It Up

Cut down your longer videos into shorter videos or clips. Bite-sized content is easier to digest, understand and remember. It’s also perfect for social platforms. Just ensure that each short video or clip is interesting and engaging. It needs to grab your viewer’s attention and hold it, even if it is for a shorter timeframe.

2.    Turn Your Blog into a Podcast

Blogs are great for SEO purposes and avid readers, but many people are converting articles to audio or even video. Podcasts allow for multitasking so your audience can listen or watch your content on their morning commute for instance. Podcasts can also be more entertaining as they give a more personal touch over traditional written formats. If you choose to just use audio then you can possibly strip audio from video interviews you have on file allowing you to repurpose them.

3.    Grab Photos from the Video

After shooting a video you can grab still photographs from the video images to use on social media or in marketing materials. Also, don’t forget to bring a camera or snap some photos on your phone of the video shoot itself. Viewers relate more to the uniqueness and authenticity of behind the scenes content, which is the foundation of increased viewership and brand loyalty.

4.    UseCustomer Testimonials as Ads

Testimonial advertising is effective because instead of your brand promoting your product or service, it’s a consumer which makes it more powerful and authentic. So if you have any testimonial videos in your archives look at recutting them into 15or 30 second ads.

5.    Video for Presentations

If you have executives, trainers or sales people who do presentations offer up your stock footage from your video shoot so they can spice up their presentation. A PowerPoint slide deck is so much more interesting if you incorporate video clips into it.

Every time you create a new video, keep in mind how you might be able to plan to use it in other ways. If you can anticipate repurposing content from the get-go, you’ll be able to get more out of each one improving the return on your investment.  You can also look back on the video content you have already created, repurpose the content that performed well, and try to think of how you can use it to a deliver a new experience.

Repurposing video content is a simple and easy way to take your communications and marketing to the next level. For more information about how to repurpose your video reach out to us at info@vinc.ca.

Here is an example of a profile video that was cut down to be used as a 15 second pre roll ad:

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