How to Create An Attention Grabbing Video

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May 30, 2022

Humans have an 8-second attention span, and younger generations are increasingly getting shorter with a preference for visual content. Which means your video content needs to be more engaging than ever. We’ve been creating videos in Calgary for a while… 25 years to be exact. And in all that time we picked up some tips and tricks on how you can ensure your video content is awesome:

Keep it Short

And get to the point. You first need to get your viewer’s attention, but secondly you have to keep it. And a simple part of keeping it is to not let your video drag on to lose momentum. A good rule of thumb is to keep it under two minutes if you can. However, optimal video length can vary depending on where you are posting or sharing it. If you need a longer-form of video content, then in general videos between 7-15 minutes perform better.

Tell a Story

Everyone loves a good story. And the great thing about stories is that they are easy to remember. Stories capture your audience’s curiosity which will help to hold their attention. Storytelling also bridges a connection with your viewer on an emotional level. You can appeal to their sensitive side, and pull at their heart strings, or entertain them and make them laugh. Either way you are starting to create a bond between your brand and the viewer.

Use Good Visuals

Although you’ve probably watched low quality video content, it’s safe to say that you prefer high quality and video, and the same is true for your audience. If the quality of your video is bad it can be distracting, and they will be focusing on that, rather than your content and viewership will likely drop off. Good visuals doesn’t necessarily mean expensive either. You can create a visually appeal video on a budget if you have a production team that knows they are doing.

Have a Purpose

Entertain, inform, educate, or inspire. Because video is now everywhere, people are in a sense bombarded with it. Even if you are raising brand awareness or selling, you want the viewer to feel like you are giving them value and not just wanting to take their money. A well-done video can leave a lasting impression and ultimately create brand loyalty.

Creating an attention-grabbing video doesn’t have to be complex, just follow the tips and tricks we outlined above, or call our highly skilled team to help you with your next video production in Calgary. We’d love to chat, email us at

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