The Key to Flawless Video Production Management

Video project management requires strategic thinking from pre-production to post-production. One thing we’ve learned over our many years in the video production industry is to be agile. It’s something we’ve incorporated into our day-to-day culture, into all projects and even into our personal lives for better overall communication.

To be agile means to be quick to adapt to changes. It’s about responding to change when the need arises rather than following a very structured, ridged plan.

If you are at all familiar with video production, then you already know that unexpected things often come up. The scope of products change, deadlines get moved, and even weather changes can quickly nosedive a perfectly designed call sheet. 

Agile project management is an established system designed primarily for software development. We have taken the same principal and modified and simplified to fit into the way we manage video projects.

For us, it’s about a structured process and more about a way of thinking. It’s about constant communication with clients and co-workers. Asking questions and seeking answers when in doubt. Moving quickly and thinking one step ahead. It’s about managing not only budgets and timelines but also expectations. Agile thinking is about being nimble and flexible while at the same time staying focused on the end goal.

Agile thinking is also key to the creative process. It leaves room for ideas to grow, change, and adapt. Creativity thrives in fluid and flexible environments, and our agile project management systems provides just that.

Agile thinking is one of the many tools we use to ensure every project and every video is produced at peak efficiency. Video production is a fast-moving industry and agility allows us to move quickly within it.

The agile way of thinking is the modern mindset of our team, and ensures every project meets and exceeds your goals.

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