What are the Stages of Video Production?

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February 28, 2022

Have you ever been curious about what really goes into creating videos and the stages of video production? Here’s your chance to take a peek behind the curtain. Sure, recording and editing video is easier than ever thanks to accessibility and technology, but producing truly great videos requires forethought, creativity, strategy, and an overall understanding of the video production process from concept to completion. Since we’ve been in business for over 25 years, here at V, we have developed our very own process of producing great videos. We call it the IDEA process. We created this process and use it for all of our projects big or small to keep us focused on the goal of delivering results.

Let’s break it down –

IDENTIFY - At this stage we identify the goals of your video production project, target audience, the message you want to communicate, the method of delivery, and the measurements of performance. We discover what your business is about, your communication challenges, potential issues, opportunities and your communication needs.

DEVELOP - Building on the information we gathered, and the insights derived from the Identify stage, we develop a strategic approach, creative concepts, social platforms and plan the execution.

EXECUTE - This is where things really start to happen. With the plans in place the execution process begins. We start to design, illustrate, animate, shoot, edit, record, etc. This is where we also start to implement the strategic plans.

ASSESS - It is critical that we assess the results of our efforts. Did we drive sales, connect with your employees, shift people’s way of thinking, educate or inform? These are the questions that we’re looking for in the Assess stage. We want to make sure that you feel you received a return on your investment.

As you can see, the IDEA process is forward thinking way to create great videos. It ensures your goals and strategy is considered throughout every step of the video production process, and is the best way to create video that drives results.

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